About Us

Our team is organizing nonprofit charity sales 6 times a year. We are all volunteers working non-profit to raise money for children in need. The Mom 2 Mom Sales were founded by two women from Germany in 2008. It started as a small event, where just a couple of mothers sold their used, good condition children items. Over the past couple of years, this event has grown and become one of the biggest Charity Sales in Shanghai. We provide a reliable place for expatriate and local community to sell or buy pre-loved, good condition children's and women's items.

What drives us

Our mission is to raise money to provide surgeries for Chinese children in need with congenital heart defects. We collaborate with Heart to Heart Shanghai Charity and donate all our profit to them. We gather money by selling donated items and by gathering 15-50% of our sellers' proceeds. The contribution is 30.000 RMB per one heart surgery .


With our sales, we make a huge difference in these children’s and their families' lives. We give our sellers the opportunity to empty their closets while participating in a greater cause. With our Sales you can also shop sustainably and with a good conscience.


The charity we support

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Heart to Heart is a special fund of Ren De Foundation. They are a Shanghai based charity which provides corrective surgery for Chinese children with congenital heart defects whose parents are unable to afford the treatment.


Heart to Heart is proud of the fact that they are and always have been
a 100% volunteer organization. They also have a $0 operating budget which means that 100% of donations are spent on surgeries. 

If you wish to know more about Heart to Heart, visit www.h2hsh.com or contact:

Karen Carrington, Executive Director


WeChat ID: Karen-H2H

Who supports us


We are very lucky to have a great sponsor in the Shanghai Racquet Club Management, who lets us host this great event. It would not be possible without their great support.

Our history

2012 we expanded from two Mom 2 Mom Sales to four sales a year. We have two spring/summer sales and two fall/winter sales.


2013 we focused on expanding our reach beyond word-of-mouth to more people in Shanghai and created our website. 


2014 we added the Women 2 Women Sale, which takes place two times a year (April and October).


2015 we updated our logo and gave the website a new look and also added the WeChat groups.

2017 we started to cooperate with Shanghai Racquet Club on organising charity tennis tournaments.


2018 we recieved the Excellence in Organising Award from the Huacao Community.

         we found a new location for the Women 2 Women Sales in Leewah Villas (close to Shanghai Racquet Club).

2019 we designed a new logo and refreshed our website.

         we focused on closer communication with the local Chinese community.

Our team

From Left to Right: Eva, Lana,Hui Fun

Eva Melounová

WeChat ID: melounek31

Finance and Accounting, Wechat, Marketing

Lana Veit

WeChat ID: Beautician_SH

Communication, Marketing, Donation

Hui Fun Tan

WeChat ID:funmama007

Donation, Volunteer, Marketing

Contact us

Email: momtomomsaleshanghai@hotmail.com

WeChat: momtomomsale

Phone: 152-2144-9930

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