Children Sponsored

2014 we raised 42,000RMB and sponsored two children

Her name is Yutong Li and from the Jiangsu province. She is 5 years old.


Since Li Yutong was born, she has had to go to the hospital many, many times with colds, fevers, and other problems related to her CHD. She recently spent a month in the hospital because of heart problems. She lives with her parents and grandparents. Although her father can sometimes get jobs as a welder, he doesn't make enough money to be able to take care of the family with all their health problems. Her mother stays at home to take care of Li Yutong. Her grandparents are unwell so the family is constantly having to spend money to treat them. They now owe over 20,000 rmb on medical expenses for the grandparents. Also, recently Li Yutong had to stay in the hospital for a month because of heart problems. They can't afford to pay for surgery to save her.

Yutong Li from Jiangsu

Her name is Mengxuan Dong from the Anhui province. She is 7 years old.


When Dong Mengxuan was five, her mother was going to take her to see her father in Yi Wu City where he was doing migrant work. She had a cold so she went to the local hospital before going. The doctor there suspected that she had heart problem and advised her to go to better hospital for a check up. So they went to the hospital in the city where she was diagnosed with CHD. The doctors advised surgery, but the family had no money so they had to take her home. Her grandpa is 72. He can't work much, but takes care of their farming as much as possible. He has hypertension and needs medicine. Her father does part time migrant work in Yi Wu, but can't bring much home after his expenses. It is their only source of income. They need help to be able to get the surgery.

Mengxuan Dong from Anhui

2015 we raised 65,500RMB and sponsored two children


His name is Hu Chengzhi and from the Shandong province. He is 2 years old.


His name is Hu Chengzhi, a 2 years old boy from Shandong province. Currently he is in the recovery room after his heart surgery that took place on January 22nd. The surgery went very well and he is coping  well with the treatment. His parents were very thankful for all the people involved to make this miracle happen and save their son!

Hu Chengzhi from Shandong


Tang Zihan from Gansu

Her name is Tang Zihan and from the Gansu province. She is 3 month old.


She is Tang Zihan - a three month old girl from Gansu province.  When she was 2 month old, she was very sick and her lips were constantly blue. Parents went to a local doctor and he sad there was noise around her heart and suggested to go to a hospital. At the Lanzhou Lujun General Hospital they did a ultrasound check and they diagnosed her with ASD, PS. There are 5 members in the family. Her grandparents and the parents are all framers. The father has ONFH since 2012 and has to take expensive pills. The grandfather fell and broke his right hip. It has cost their savings to treat the father and grandfather. They have no money to pay for a heart surgery. Tang Zihan had her open heart surgery on February 17 and was just transferred from ICU to the Recovery Unit.  She seems to be getting stronger and should be ready for visitors shortly.  Her parents are really happy!  

2016 we raised 93,000RMB and sponsored three children

Huang Baoyuan

Huang Baoyuan, 5 year old boy from Jiangxi province, was born with multiple heart problems and had his first surgery when he was less than one year old at Yodak Hospital. He had his second, and hopefully final, open heart surgery on January 9th 2017. He did well considering how serious everything was and he is recovering quickly.

Huang Baoyuan from Jiangxi

Liu Junya

Liu Junya, 3 years old girl from Jiangsu province, had her much needed second open heart surgery on January 4th 2017. She was not in good shape when she was admitted to the hospital but now she is well recovered. Now she has a great chance of a long and fulfilling life!

Liu Junya from Jiangsu

Zhang Yunuo

Zhang Yunuo, 8 years old girl from Anhui Province, had her heard surgery on July 28th. She came to the Yodak Cardio-Thoracic hospital on July 26th desperately in need of the surgery, she was purple and in distress. The surgery was a success! Her life and chances of going forward are different now, as well her family's!

Zhang Yunuo from Anuhi

2017 we raised 120 000 RMB and sponsored four children

Li Haoxuan

Li Haoxuan is a 5-year-old boy from Anhui province. He had cardiac catheritization on the 18th July. Although his defect was in a difficult spot, the catheritization has worked and he probably won't have to have open heart surgery.

Li Haoxuan from Anuhi

Chen Shengli  2017

Chen Shengli is a 14-year-old boy from Sichuan province. He had his open-heart surgery on the 14th July.

Chen Shengli from Sichuan

Wang Nuoyi

Wang Nuoyi is just 1 year old boy from Henan province. He seemed healthy when he was born, but 3 months later, he got a lung infection, the doctor heard murmur in his heart and he was later diagnosed with VSD. He had his surgery on March 9th, 2017.

Wang Nuoyi from Henan

Dou Yumo


Dou Yumo is a 3 years old girl from Anhui province. She was several months old when doctor told her family she would need an operation as soon as possible. Since she looked okay and the family had no money, they didn’t do anything. Each month, however, she was getting weaker, had infections and had to be in the hospital often. She had her much needed open heart surgery on March 9 2017.

Dou Yumo from Anhui

2018 we raised 98 000 RMB and sponsored five children

Xu Yiming

Xu Yiming is a 2 years old girl from Jiangsu Province. She got a cold and his family took him to Funing People's Hospital where he was diagnosed with CHD.

His parents have no stable work, but they do have 2 mu farmland to work on. They family now is in debt for 40000 yuan ( from medical bills and tuition). They are unable to borrow any more money for the surgery.

Xu Yiming from Jiangsu 

Dou Yumo from Anhui

Dou Yumo

Dou Yumo is a three years old girl from Anhui Province. When she was several months old, she had a fever and was taken to a local clinic. The doctor found a murmur in her heart and a surgery is needed. Since the family does not have money and they did not take surgery seriously. Her condition getting worse and  she gets weaker and has infection. Her mother is a stay at home mom taking care of her and her ill grandmother. Her dad works in a restaurant as dish washer with low income. They are not able to pay for the surgery. They had tried for a long time to have Dou Yumo and they do not want to lose her. 

Chen Zhihan

When Chen Zhihan was seven months old, she had a fever and was taken to Taihe People's Hospital. She was diagnosed with VSD and was ill quite often. Her father drives a digger on a construction site with unstable income. Her moms stay home taking care of her and her 4 years old sister. The family is already in debt for RMB20,000 and they cannot borrow more money for the surgery

Chen Zhihan from Anhui

Wang Nuoyi from Henan

Wang Nuoyi

Wang Nuoyi got a lung infection about three months later after he is born. He was diagnosed VSD during a hospital visit. His father stops working after he got sick because have to bring him to the hospital very often and somemore his working place ( the alcohol factory) is closing down. His mom stays home taking care of the grandmother and 3 kids. The family is in debt because of medical treatments and cannot borrow enough money for the surgery.

Li Nannan

Li Nannan was diagnosed with CHDPS the day after she was born. The doctors said that she would need surgery as soon as she was a little bigger. 

Her father works the farm and works as a wall painter on construction sites when it is not busy on the farm. Her mother stays home. They owe $30000 yuan to relatives and friends for Li Nannan's health problem and also her grandparents illness. They cannot borrow enough for the surgery she needs. 

Li Nannan from Henan

2019 we raised  RMB11,2950 and sponsored four children

Li Zheng Long from Guizhou

Li Zheng Long

When he was 3 years old, Li Zheng Long was taken to Kaiyang People's Hospital for treatment of a cold then was diagnosed he had congenital heart disease. He has five people in the family and his mother left him when he was one year old. The family is in debt due to his grandfather's cancer treatment and cannot afford anymore money for his surgery . 

Zhang Jian Ying

When she was 8 months old, she was taken to the county hospital for treatment of cold and fever. The doctor then found that she had heart problem and later diagnose she had complex CHD. They are not able to pay for her surgery since the family only making 5000 yuan per year. 

Zhang Jian Ying from Guizhou

Liu JinYa

Liu Jun Ya had a cough when she was six years old. Her family took her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with pneumonia and told to go to Xuzhou Children Hospital. She was diagnosed she had CHD and the family is too poor to pay for the operation she needs. The family is in debt for 20,000yuan. 

Liu Jin Ya from Jiangsu Province

Qian Zi Wen

Earlier this year, Qian Zi Wen suffered from physical discomfort and was hospitalized in the First People's Hospital of Huainan City. He was diagnosed with complex congenital heart disease. He needed surgery quite urgently. The family cannot afford the surgery cost due to the debt and we managed to help the family through the sales. 

Qian Zi Wen from Huainan

Li Luoyi

In September 2019, she was diagnosed for congenital heart disease. She had ASD and needed surgery but her family cannot afford it. There are five people in the family- grandma, parents, a 9 years old sister and Li  Luoyi. The father works as a migrant worker. He earns around 24000 yuan a year and his health is not good either. At present, the family owes 30,000yuan. They are not able to borrow money for the surgery she needs. 

Li Luo Yi from Fujian Province