M2M Sale Registration


November 11, 2019

Coming soon on Nov 11,2019


Sellers number

When you sign up you will get a number. For each Sale we accept 50 sellers maximum. If you sign up late it is possible there will be no free space anymore. We also reserve a right to cancel your second participation in one season if we have first timers interested and there are no more free numbers. 

Registration fee

You need to pay 200 RMB within 7 days after sign up to reserve your seller number. We return the registration fee, when you drop off your items.



You need to purchase the labels from us. For more information click here:

Labels are sold in Shanghai Racquet Club or in the neighbourhood.


Notify us within 1 week before the Sale, if you can't be a seller. If you cancel in time, we will return the registration fee. If you do not cancel in time, the 200 RMB will be donated 100% to the Heart to Heart charity.

1. Sign-up

Select your items

Check all items you want to sell to ensure they in great condition. If you're in doubt on the quality of your items, just ask yourself:

“Would I pay that money, for this item and give it to my child in this condition to play or wear?”.


  • Clothes needs to be clean and washed (no stains, no tears, no holes, no missing button, broken zippers and items showing excessive wear etc.). 

  • If it is a two-piece set or more, connect the pieces with a string.

  • All shoes must be cleaned inside AND outside. Only bring good looking shoes!!!

  • Toys need to be functional and complete. All parts need to be packed together and sealed so the box/bag cannot be opened.

  • Battery-operated toys must have a full battery, so that we and shoppers can test them to see if the toy is in good working condition.

  • Books must be in good condition without any writing or large page tears.

  • Car seats and strollers need to be clean and fully functional. It helps, if you have an instruction menu. Attach instruction menu and other accessories to the item so they dont get lost! Car seats can not be older then 5 years and must be accident free!

  • You are allowed to bring 200 items maximum.


Prepare your items

Clean all your items to remove any dirt and odor, especially clothing that has been stored for a while you need to wash to get rid of odor developed during storage.

The nicer your items look, the more likely they will be purchased!

You can't sell

  • Stuffed animals

  • DVD's

  • Underwear

  • Expired products

  • Spring/Summer Sale (March/May) - winter jackets, long sleeve shirts or winter pants, but swimwear is OK.

  • Fall/Winter Sale (September/November) - short sleeve shirts or shor pants.

2. Select and prepare

The price of your items is up to you. Here are a few general guidelines on pricing based on experience:


  • In general, the lower you price your items, the more likely they will sell. Take into account the brand, age and condition of the item when you are pricing them.

  • Items in great condition generally go for 30-50% of their original retail price - clothing usually goes for slightly less depending on the brand.

  • As you price merchandise, ask yourself: "How much would I be willing to pay for this?"

  • Books tend to sell for 5-30 RMB, not much more. Depending on size and if it is hard cover or not.

  • Baby clothes (bodies/onesies, tops or pants) you can put 3 or more together and price as one item.

For example: Set of 3 onesies for 10 RMB


Label your items

  • Fill each label and include all the information required.

  • Attach the label to each item either with a string provided or by taping 1/3rd of the label to books, bags or boxes.

  • Please see full instructions here:

3. Price and label

4. Drop off your items

Mark your Boxes or Bags

Please write your seller number on your boxes + lids and bags that you are using when dropping off your items. This will ensure, they will properly returned to you.

General rules and steps for dropping off your items:

  • It would be helpful, if you could sort your items in your bags or boxes before drop off time. Sort them by books, games, toys, shoes and clothes by gender and if possible by age.

  • Drop-off will take approximately 10 minutes if you have followed the rules regarding clean items and correct labeling. Allow enough time in case there is a brief wait. Sometimes many sellers arrive at the same time.  We plan on being very thorough and will look at each item carefully. Anyone with more than 150 items needs to plan in some extra time.

  • If you send your Driver or Ayi, please make sure they stay until we tell them to go.

  • Please be prepared to assemble any pack-n-plays or other large items and you need to show our volunteers how strollers or car seats work when your drop them off. Shoppers probably won’t buy something that they have not seen assembled or don't know how it works.

  • We would appreciate it if you could assist the drop off volunteer who is helping you by placing the items they have already checked out on the sales room in their appropriate location.


Drop off day and time:


You need to come between 9:30 am - 3 pm

Pick up unsold items

  • After the sale, we will sort your items by seller number. Please make sure, that you check all the items you pick up. It could happen, that we accidentally put a wrong items on your pile.

  • Items that are not picked up on time will automaticly be donated to Heart to Heart Shanghai charity or will be sold at our next sale with all the money going to charity.

  • Items with lost label will be on a special table during pick up time. Make sure you look at the items to see if there is some of yours.


Pick up day and time:


You need to come between 12 pm - 2 pm

Donate unsold items to the charity we support
If you want to automatically donate unsold items, please inform us on the day you drop off your items.

Lost items

We and our volunteers do our best to make sure theft and fraud do not happen during the Sale. However, please understand that we cannot keep track of every seller’s items and tags. There is no refund/payment for lost or missing items.

5. Pick up your items

You will receive an email or Wechat message within 7 days after the sale, regarding your money. If you can't pick up the money with in 7 days, it will go to charity!!! You will also receive the cut labels from the items you sold.


Location to pick up money: Shanghai Racquet Club or some of the neighbouring compounds

6. Getting paid